Year Brand Card Number Picture
1994Bowman15 Image
1994Bowman Previews1 Image
1994Bowman's BestR55 Image
1994Bowman's BestX91 Image
1994Bowman's Best RefractorsX91 Image
1994Church's Show Stoppers5 Image
1994Collector's Choice327 Image
1994Collector's Choice354 Image
1994Collector's Choice500 Image
1994Collector's Choice640 Image
1994Collector's Choice Gold Signature327 Image
1994Collector's Choice Gold Signature354 Image
1994Collector's Choice Gold Signature640 Image
1994Collector's Choice Silver Signature327 Image
1994Collector's Choice Silver Signature354 Image
1994Collector's Choice Silver Signature500 Image
1994Collector's Choice Silver Signature640 Image
1994Collector's Choice Team vs. Team1 Image
1994Collector's Choice White Border640 Image
1994Denny's Holograms25 Image
1994Donruss341 Image
1994Donruss Award Winner Jumbos6 Image
1994Donruss Diamond KingsDK28 Image
1994Donruss DominatorsB2 Image
1994Donruss Dominators JumbosB2 Image
1994Donruss Elite37 Image
1994Donruss Long Ball Leaders8 Image
1994Donruss MVPs18 Image
1994Donruss Promos4 Image
1994Donruss Promos4SE Image
1994Donruss Special Edition61 Image
1994Donruss Spirit of the Game6 Image
1994Donruss Spirit of the Game Jumbos6 Image
1994Finest203 Image
1994Finest Jumbos203 Image
1994Flair36 Image
1994Flair Hot Numbers10 Image
1994Flair Infield Power9 Image
1994Fleer96 Image
1994Fleer All-Stars23 Image
1994Fleer Award Winners1 Image
1994Fleer Extra Bases53 Image
1994Fleer Extra Bases Game Breakers27 Image
1994Fleer Golden Moments9 Image
1994Fleer Golden Moments Jumbo9 Image
1994Fleer Lumber Company9 Image
1994Fleer Sunoco23 Image
1994Fleer Team Leaders4 Image
1994Fun Pack35 Image
1994Fun Pack177 Image
1994Fun Pack195 Image
1994Fun Pack204 Image
1994Fun Pack210 Image
1994Fun Pack236 Image
1994Kraft12 Image
1994Leaf400 Image
1994LeafA300 Image
1994Leaf Gamers7 Image
1994Leaf Gold Stars11 Image
1994Leaf Jumbos400 Image
1994Leaf Power Brokers1 Image
1994Leaf MVP ContendersA12 Image
1994Leaf MVP Contenders GoldA12 Image
1994Leaf Promos9 Image
1994Leaf Slideshow1 Image
1994Leaf Statistical Standouts1 Image
1994Leaf Limited24 Image
1994Leaf Limited Gold All-Stars1 Image
1994O-Pee-Chee127 Image
1994O-Pee-Chee All-Star Redemptions1 Image
1994O-Pee-Chee Jumbo All-Stars1 Image
1994O-Pee-Chee Jumbo All-Stars Foil1 Image
1994Oscar Mayer Round Ups14 Image
1994Pacific138 Image
1994Pacific660 Image
1994Pacific Gold Prisms3 Image
1994Pacific PromosP8 Image
1994Pacific Silver Prisms Circular13 Image
1994Pinnacle1 Image
1994Pinnacle Artist's Proofs1 Image
1994Pinnacle Museum Collection1 Image
1994Pinnacle Power SurgePS6 Image
1994Pinnacle Run CreatorsRC2 Image
1994Pinnacle Team Pinnacle1 Image
1994Pinnacle The Naturals1 Image
1994Pinnacle TributeTR14 Image
1994Post21 Image
1994Post Canadian12 Image
1994Score41 Image
1994Score631 Image
1994Score CycleTC18 Image
1994Score Gold Rush41 Image
1994Score Gold Rush631 Image
1994Score Gold Stars45 Image
1994Select6 Image
1994Select Crown ContendersCC5 Image
1994SP193 Image
1994SP Die Cuts193 Image
1994SP PreviewsCR5 Image
1994Sportflix70 Image
1994Sportflix176 Image
1994Sportflix FanFest All-StarsAS1 Image
1994Sportflix Rookie/Traded Going Going GoneGG6 Image
1994Stadium Club267 Image
1994Stadium Club285 Image
1994Stadium Club528 Image
1994Stadium Club718 Image
1994Stadium Club Dugout DirtDD9 Image
1994Stadium Club FinestF10 Image
1994Stadium Club First Day Issue267 Image
1994Stadium Club First Day Issue718 Image
1994Stadium Club Golden Rainbow267 Image
1994Stadium Club Golden Rainbow285 Image
1994Stadium Club Golden Rainbow528 Image
1994Stadium Club Golden Rainbow718 Image
1994Stadium Club Members Only29 Image
1994Stadium Club Members Only Parallel267 Image
1994Stadium Club Members Only Parallel285 Image
1994Stadium Club Members Only Parallel528 Image
1994Stadium Club Members Only Parallel718 Image
1994Stadium Club Members Only Parallel Dugout DirtDD9 Image
1994Stadium Club Team121 Image
1994Stadium Club Team Finest12 Image
1994Stadium Club Team First Day Issue121 Image
1994Starting Line-UpNNO Image
1994Studio209 Image
1994Studio Editor's Choice2 Image
1994Studio Heritage2 Image
1994Studio Promos209 Image
1994Studio Series Stars3 Image
1994Tombstone Pizza29 Image
1994Topps270 Image
1994Topps384 Image
1994Topps601 Image
1994Topps Black Gold21 Image
1994Topps Black Gold Winner BB Image
1994Topps Black Gold Winner B RedemptionB Image
1994Topps Black Gold Winner ABAB Image
1994Topps Black Gold Winner AB RedemptionAB Image
1994Topps Gold270 Image
1994Topps Gold384 Image
1994Topps Gold601 Image
1994Topps Spanish384 Image
1994Topps Spanish601 Image
1994Topps Traded Finest Inserts7 Image
1994Triple Play269 Image
1994Triple Play298 Image
1994Triple Play Bomb Squad1 Image
1994Triple Play Medalists3 Image
1994Triple Play Promos2 Image
1994US Playing Cards11C Image
1994US Playing Cards3D Image
1994Ultra39 Image
1994Ultra All-Stars2 Image
1994Ultra Award Winners19 Image
1994Ultra Hitting Machines10 Image
1994Ultra Home Run Kings3 Image
1994Ultra On-Base Leaders12 Image
1994Ultra RBI Kings2 Image
1994Upper Deck55 Image
1994Upper Deck284 Image
1994Upper Deck300 Image
1994Upper Deck All-Star Jumbos40 Image
1994Upper Deck Diamond CollectionC8 Image
1994Upper Deck Electric Diamond55 Image
1994Upper Deck Electric Diamond284 Image
1994Upper Deck Electric Diamond300 Image
1994Upper Deck Mantle's Long ShotsMM18 Image
1994Upper Deck Mantle's Long Shots Electric DiamondMM18 Image

Other Collectibles

Year Brand Card Number Picture
1994Kelly RusselNNO Image
1994King-B Discs14 Image
1994Sports Stars USANNO Image
1994Sports Stars USA Griffey/Thomas164 Image